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Have you seen every doctor in your area and obtained zero answers for your condition/symptom? Dr. Duke has treated thousands who have been in the same position. If you are being given the run around by your doctors, if you are on copious amounts of medication with terrible side effects, or if you are attempting to scour the internet for the answers to your health problems because no one can help you then DR. DUKE'S FORMULAS were created specifically for you. These supplements address organ function so the body can perform at 100%. When the body is at 100% there can be no symptoms and immune function will easily resolve and fend off infection.


Dr. Duke realized after years of practicing functional and integrative medicine that the answer wasn’t just to move numbers on your lab work higher or lower but to address the organs capacity to function at the highest level possible. When the bodies organ systems are operating at 100%, symptoms disappear and the body functions as it is supposed to without issue. Root cause issues are a symptom of improper organ function and Dr. Duke’s Formulas was created to address that missing piece of medicine. for patients who feel they have no options. Are you unwell or suffering but your labwork shows no abnormalities? Are you being told its all in your head? Do you feel overwhelmed with natural options? Dr Duke's Formulas are for you!

Dr. Duke suffered for years with a multitude of health issues. The last Dr. was a neurosurgeon who wanted to cut out a piece of his brain! Dr. Duke knew that there had to be another component to addressing his problems. After resolving his own health issues by correcting organ dysfunction which resolved true root cause issues he has treated thousands of patients successfully with his protocols. Dr. Duke’s Formulas was created BY a doctor, so you don’t have to SEE a doctor.


Simply raising or reducing lab values does not equal optimal health. Many patients have blood work that is normal however they don’t feel right. This all comes down to the inability of organ systems to effectively do their job. Due to stress, trauma, lifestyle, diet, aging, bad luck, the organs are constantly under duress and trying to function at their highest level. When they do not, symptoms arise! The body is also more susceptible to infectious disease. Dr. Duke resolves those issues by tonifying the organ systems. His protocols have helped thousands of patients who could not find answers from anywhere else.

Dr. Duke has worked tirelessly with thousands of patients to formulate this protocol that resolves both organ dysfunction and underlying root cause issues impacting GI health. By optimizing your Gut Health you will see improvement in all aspects of quality of life and well being. Here is how to utilize Dr. Duke's protocols effectively.



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What pushes Dr. Duke is talking and treating thousands of patients who have not been able to attain the care they need. Whether its doctors who do not listen to their patients, doctors who don’t spend the necessary time to get to know and understand their patients problems, or doctors who are dismissive of their patients concerns and won’t explain what is happening to them, Dr. Duke is adamant about helping these patients. He knows all to well what it’s like to be in that position and he also has the solutions to assist these patients.


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